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If you need to make an amendment to a birth certificate due to an adoption or a court order paternity, your request cannot be made online. Information about amending birth certificates for these reasons is available on the Adoption page. The birth registration team is responsible for registering all birth events filed by hospitals, midwives, or other individuals who may deliver a child in Utah.

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We assign a date of registration for each live birth, fetal death or early-term stillbirth certificate, and any supporting documentation that is needed to register the birth certificate, such as voluntary declarations of paternity as needed. The adoption registration team registers adoption, court order paternity, and legitimation requests and administers the Utah Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry and the Utah Putative Father Registry Notice of Commencement of Paternity Proceedings.

For assistance, contact us at adoptions utah. He began his record-setting journey in Auckland, before setting off for Brisbane , which is two hours behind.

From there, he caught a plane to Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, 20 hours behind the Australian city. The record, of course, only makes sense considering the time in different timezones and how it elongated the date of his birthday - in reality, the actual duration of his journey is much shorter than 46 hours, amassing only about 13 hours and 10 minutes in the air. After I found the perfect record for me, I felt confident I could become a record holder.

The record attempt took place last year, but it was only recently verified, after he provided tickets and evidence of the journey to Guinness World Records. Sven said that the highlight of his birthday trip was landing in Hawaii at midnight with his wife waiting to meet him, in the knowledge that he had "celebrated" a hour birthday. Passengers flying into Honolulu have a fine view AP.

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