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This is the way my Turtle Clan Elders taught me to do astronomy for time keeping purposes. Please answer me this — what do you think of me calling April 25 the rising day of Arcturus.

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For a few examples using the methods taught to me, Nov 19 is when the Pleiades rise, Dec 21 is when Betelgeuse rises, Jan 4 is when Sirius rises, Feb 18 is when Regulus rises. Also for the old ways to work, clear skies are needed.

For now just tell me about April 25 being too off or being OK for the statement: Arcturau rises at sunset on April I have followed you for awhile and respect your views. Let me know please. Thank you, Mike. Hi Mike, I appreciate your analysis from your location as to when Arcturus rises at sunset. It is all relative to where you live, especially in latitude, on the globe.

AT your latitude it would certainly rise later in the year because of how far south you are compared to me. The other dates seem to be in line with your observations in regards to the other stars mentioned. Sirius is typically used to signal a new year like the ancient Egyptian peoples.

Regulus, being on the ecliptic itself would rise a little earlier for you and those on a similar latitude. Keep up the excellent observations and awareness!

I appreciate your stellar knowledge, Erik. HI Raymond, thank you for the info. I primarily look at the ecliptic longitude as a way to see if a star is conjunct a planet. More to learn there. The kidneys become clogged as a result and do not function freely. This planet at this point will eventually break down the health of the native.

They become isolated and weakened, functioning on a low energy level.

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This is a karmic position in that they misguided and misused their creative energy in a previous life and they are therefore restricted in this life. This brings, especially, the conditions of these characters: One that is exceptional in many ways, manners and faculties, especially in those of mental forces having great vision in every direction, especially those of the unseen elements, bringing then much psychic and occult forces to the body.

The highest conception of all domestic relations, the highest conceptions of honor. The highest conceptions of respect.

On fixed stars in astrology

The highest conceptions in every relation in friendship and in every element relating to others. For, this is the way, the door out of this system. Yet purposefully did the entity return in this experience. Not that the sun that is the center of this solar system is all there is. For the entity has attained to that realm even of Arcturus, or that center from which there may be the entrance into other realms of consciousness.

And the entity has chosen in itself to return to the earth for a definite mission. As indicated, or as has been indicated in other sources besides this as respecting this very problem, — Arcturus is that which may be called the center of this universe, through which individuals pass and at which period there comes the choice of the individual as to whether it is to return to complete there — that is, in this planetary system, our sun, the earth sun and its planetary system — or to pass on to others. This was an unusual step, and yet a usual one. Robson, , p.

The Living Stars, Dr.

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Venus conjunction arcturus | Saturn and the Sun Astrology

Search for:. Bootes Constellation [Stellarium]. March 23, October 6, Jamie Partridge. Props for citing your sources. Creator of her own light, she equally extends resourcefulness to her environment. Perhaps the oldest record of the celestial movements of Venus is preserved in the Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa, whose origins date to midth century BCE. Her first phase, as Hesperus, marks her western descent as an evening star. Her mantled plunge below the blackened undercurrent is the secret bow before her inferior conjunction with the Sun in the east.


This pivot marks her Phosphorous phase, bathed in blindingly ferocious light as Lucifer, or light-bearer. Upon completing five Venusian cycles of eight years, the Morning Star returns to the same point in the cosmos. When Venus repeats her retrograde cycle in the before mentioned signs, however, she successively does so a few degrees earlier each time. Note the following:. For example, Neptune is activated from —, Uranus from , and Pluto from Noticeably, neither planet feels comfortable in the signs of their current ingresses.

In Scorpio, Venus is in adversity detriment , where the otherwise fluidly reconcilable qualities of Libran Venus are turned on their side.

Fixed Stars in birth horoscope

Uninhibitedly, Venus grants amelioration to any fragments of shattered sensitivity, serving as the equilibrium of supportively empathic partnerships. Likewise, she evokes capacity for aesthetic perceptions, and, ultimately, is a conduit for personal and worldly peace. Contrastingly, in Mars-ruled Scorpio, retrograde Venus can respond in indolence, manipulation, and destructively sensual abandonment.

Locating Arcturus

Her qualities are contorted when ingressed in a sign that thrives by dismantling the taboo, a territory seldomly charted via Venusian excursions. The maximum separation possible between Venus and the Sun is 48 degrees, which, not unlike Mercury, binds her to the solar ego.